We're Prompted Web.

We build websites. branding. digital strategy.

What’re you interested in?

We build websites.

We build them simple, clean, and cost-effective; like this one.

Most business website are filled to the brim with bells and whistles they don’t need. They slow the site down, make it chaotic to navigate, and muddle the purpose of the website all together. A website is a tool for your business to succeed.

We’ve all seen those 10-in-1 tools on infomercials and while they seem great in theory the reality is that they’re terrible. They try to do too much and fail at all of them.

We pinpoint the purpose of your website and build it to suit.

We design branding.

Not just logos, but a style, colour palette, voice, and personality.

Businesses have their own identity that is decided by the customers. Branding is the way the business presents itself, it’s the impression that the business makes on customers.

Without strong branding a business will be just another face in the crowd. The person at a party who you spoke to but can’t remember their name.

The results of good branding can be hard to track because they exist in the minds of your customers, but like those customers they are real and crucial.

We provide strategy.

With all the options that the internet provides, what are the best one for your business?

Every business needs an digital presence to compete in the 21st century market. A website is crucial first step but it’s often not enough. When customers come looking for your business they want to see a buzz of activity, they want to be sure that you’re active and ready to do business. In person this is easy, they can arrive at your store and see you working, but how do you achieve this online?

We create personalised strategies and action plans to help businesses create a strong, active digital presence so that when customers search for your business, they actually find you and not a competitor.


Who are we?

We're not an agency, think of us like members of your team.

We’re the people you can call when you have questions about anything online. We plug away in the background making sure your business runs smoothly online.

Prompted Web is two people: Tanner and Patrick.

Tanner builds the websites and designs the graphics.

Pat is a wizard at strategy and implementation.

But like most small businesses each of us a jack-of-all-trades sort.

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